Turkey – Land of Kebabs and Weird Geology

It’d be fair to say I was nervous about entering Turkey, along with everyone else who I told of my travel plans (having just been to Israel and Egypt prior). Turkey hasn’t featured positively in any news coverage in the last couple of years, and every story that does appear reconfirms the idea that it’s […]


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Israel – Stop Two

There’s no better way to get your heart pounding than being questioned in detail at border patrol. Which is exactly what happened when I arrived late at night at Ben Gurion airport in Israel. Having just flown from Egypt I was prepared for this to happen, but I was still caught off guard when a […]

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Egypt – Stop One

It started with a book. A trashy history novel, no less. I’ve had a life long obsession with Egypt. The pharaohs, the tombs, the hieroglyphs and the mysteries. Since I was a kid, this country had held a strong sway over my imagination. I longed to go and explore, but it always seemed like a pretty […]

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South Island Road Trip

I’ve often felt that kiwis don’t get out often enough to explore their own country. Millions of tourists from around the world flock to our shores every year, yet many kiwis have never even been to the opposite island from the one they live on (let alone Stewart Island!). So, in November, a friend and […]

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